How Much Does a Website Cost?

I am often asked the question, “How Much Does a Website Cost?”  Because websites are not a commodity like buying a toaster, it makes that question difficult to answer at best. However in an attempt to do so. Consider it more like buying a car or “How Much Does a Red Car Cost?”

Red Cars

Quality, Design, Material, Engineering, Customization, Performance, Brand and Uniqueness all go into the cost of these cars and websites are no different.

Beware of knockoffs or counterfeits; just because two websites look alike does not mean they will perform alike. In web development, everything is important; externally or what you see, internally like the programming languages and hosting engines. Behind the scenes and ancillary feeds can make or break a website as well.

Good Code
Bad Code

The discount website made by an overseas company or by a web development student is no bargain at all if your phone is not ringing or you need to hire a private eye to find you on Google.

Our prices are always fair and competitive. You will love the work we do and the results it brings. We will be happy to give you an honest assessment and estimate of your project costs, just contact us.

If you just want to give the tires a kick and want a ballpark estimate, I have created a tool just for you! You can give it a test drive here.